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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a vacation planner?

Planning a successful Disney vacation can be overwhelming and complex. By using a vacation planner, you'll have peace of mind knowing you have direct contact with someone who can help with nearly every aspect of your trip. It's my goal to be sure you arrive well-informed and confident you'll get the most out of your day. Through first-hand experience from my own vacations and training directly from the Disney College of Knowledge, it's hard to beat the personal service & expertise you will receive using our services.

What can I expect after booking my trip with Show-Me Diz?

When choosing Show-Me Diz as your vacation planner, you can be assured we'll work together to plan your trip the way you want to. For first-time Disney visitors, you'll experience a personalized guidance plan that highlights various topics you'll want to learn about before your vacation. For Disney veterans, you may choose to use our full planning services or select only certain points you'd like assistance with.

Can you help before I'm ready for a trip?

Absolutely! If your Disney vacation is only a wish right now, we can get a jumpstart on budget planning, scheduling, and generally what to expect when the time for your trip does arrive. Visit the Services page to read more about the future traveler program.

Are your services free?

When you book with Show-Me Diz, complimentary planning services are included! Quotes, reservation services (including resort stays, park admission & dining selections), recommendations and continued trip support are always available to Show-Me Diz clients at no charge. Premium Planning Services may incur a planning fee on ticket-only bookings with less than a 3-day minimum.

What if I've already booked my Disney vacation on my own?

If you've already made a Disney reservation on your own, but now need some help planning your trip, let me know! We can talk about your options – whether that's transferring your reservation to Show-Me Diz or using stand-alone planning services. Planning fees may apply.

How far do I have to book in advance?

Generally speaking – the further ahead you can book, the better. You will have a wider choice of resort stays and greater dining flexibility. If you're flying, you'll also have more time to watch flight prices. During peak holiday seasons, it is recommended to secure your reservation at least six months ahead, and even more for the most popular resorts.

Do you book airline reservations?

At this time, airline reservations are the responsibility of the guest due to the complexities of air travel. I can provide suggestions and discuss flight times for your arrival and departure, and book ground transportation between MCO and your Walt Disney World resort.

Do you book other destinations?

Yes! While I specialize in Walt Disney World vacation planning, I can also assist with Disneyland or Disney Cruise Line. If you'd like to experience Universal Studios, I can help book that as well. If you're interested in cruises on popular cruise lines (such as Carnival or Royal Caribbean), visit

Let the magic begin!
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